Photo Album

Take pictures, leave footprints. If you’re anything like us, you take lots of them. Taking photos is one of the best things about travelling. Some of them you will take with TripRider as well. Wouldn't be nice if you could collect them all together, to view them all in one place, maybe export them or share them with friends? Good news, you can. You can export all your pictures from TripRider to the "Photos" application. A new photo album will be created with the name of the trip and you'll find all your pictures there. Pictures from your diary, location list, even travellers' photos and maps.
TripRider's Photo Album


Export to Photo App

Export to Photos App

You can export all the photos of your trip to your photo album in the "Photos" app.


View, Share & Print

View all the photos from your trip in one place. You can share your photo with your friends by email or print it via AirPrint.

Photo Album Options Photo Album Share and Print Photos


Photo Album Slideshow

Slideshow feature

You can show your Photo Album to your friends with a simple Slideshow right from TripRider.