"You won't know,
if you don't go."





Created for standard
and Retina display for
both iPhone and iPad.

Travelutionary. Traveltastic. TripRider.

The amazing new app for every true traveller. Experience, share and capture every journey in completely new way with true travel companion.

Oh yes, the excitement of travel. New places, new people, new adventures. There's nothing like the anticipation of upcoming journey and expectation of exploring new countries, meeting different cultures and experiencing new things.

As every traveller knows travel begins long before we leave home and lasts long after we return back. There are lots of different things we need to do before we go, things we do while we are on a trip and even after we return home.

That is why we designed this magnificent app that will accompany you through the whole journey, will help you made your trip even more memorable and will be with you every step of the way. From the moment you pick a destination, to the day you return home. And all the time in between.

It was designed by travellers for travellers. Designed for you, to help you capture every moment, every detail of you trip in a single amazing app. True travel companion that will help you capture and share your complete travel story.

To be able to use it all the time, whether exploring off the beaten track, wandering the city or just drinking coffee at the nearby Cafe, we made it in the way that internet is almost never needed. It is just you and your TripRider. Well, except when you'll want to share parts of your new experiences with your friends. And yes, you'll want to share. It's so easy and so cool!

We added fantastic retro/vintage design, so you'll have as much fun watching it as using it. We hope you'll love it as much as we do. So, choose a destination, pick up your TripRider and go, explore new places, meet new people, capture best moments, share you impressions and have fun.

What's in the box?

Manage your complete trip in one place with single amazing app.



Add your trips to TripRider.

Every trip begins with defining the time period, destinations and budget. After you're done adding trip it's time to start fully using the TripRider.


You can travel alone or with friends.

Add your friends to the trip who are travelling with you and, of course, don't forget yourself.

Trip plan

Plan is usually good to have.

Make most of your trip by planning your journey, day by day. If you like, you can also plan each day in details.

Packing list

Don't leave things behind.

Make a list of things you have to do before you go, prepare your packing list and organize your backpack or suitcase.


Store copies of important documents.

You can safely store your documents, credit cards, tickets or everything else you think is important for you on your trip.


Create your collection.

Organize and add photos of maps you think you will need while exploring new places. So you can use them even when no internet connection is available.

Must see & do

Things you don't want to miss.

When planning your trip, make a list of all your favourite things, places and events you really want to see or do.

Location list

Been there, done that.

Mark, save and take photo of interesting places that you have visited. You can also share locations with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or email.


What's on schedule for today?

Complete status of your trip on one page for quick access and easy review. With all the information in one place you can easily track your trip progress.


Track your spending smartly.

Track all of your expenses on a trip and have your budget under control.


Write down your memories.

Write and share a diary for each day of your journey, add some photos and point out the highlights of the day.

Quick notes

Don't forget.

Use quick notes for small messages, phone numbers, place names and everything else you think is good to write down and remember.

Photo album

Create album in "Photos" app

Export all photos you have in TripRider to an album in "Photos" app. A separate photo album will be created for each trip.

Share trip

Share your experience with your friends.

Share your plan, locations or packing list via email with your friends who are also using TripRider for travelling.

Copyright © 2014 Minoa d.o.o., Stegne 21, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU.
Graphic design in cooperation with Tom Petruccelli.
Copyright © 2014 Minoa d.o.o., Stegne 21, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU.
Graphic design in cooperation with Tom Petruccelli.


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