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I was here... While you're on your trip you can mark, save, and share locations that you have visited. If you are visiting an interesting place, use TripRider to find your position, then just attach a photo or video and you're done. You can share each location with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or via email or just view your locations on a map. And if you missed some, you can always add them later by picking them manually on a map (an internet connection is needed).
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Visited Locations

Visited Locations

All the places I've been... Mark all the interesting places you visited and view them on a map.


Capture the Moment

On a Safari, on top of the Empire State Building, exploring the Amazon forest, or drinking coffee at St. Mark's Square in Venice. Take a photo or video, get your position, and add a new place to your location list so you'll never forget it. In order to establish your position, GPS, a cellular signal, or an internet connection is needed (depending on the model of the device). You can also add locations later by picking them manually on a map in case you missed some during the day or forgot to add them.

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Share Your Location

Share Your Locations

You can share your location with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Email.


Follow Me

We know what you're thinking: Wouldn't be nice if TripRider could create some locations for me? Without me thinking about them? Just here and there, maybe few times a day? So I could later see where I was on a map? Well it can. On iPhone and iPad 3G you can simply turn this option on, and there you'll have it. And later, when you have access to the internet, it can even find names for each location if you like. Cool, right? To save battery power, the "Follow Me" feature uses a cellular network to establish your position and it only creates a new entry in your location list if you change your position significantly. As a result, the number of automatically added locations may vary depending on cellular network coverage and how much your position changes.

Follow Me Feature