Some might say that running out of money is when your journey truly begins. We’re betting, though, that it's probably not what you want. Fortunately, we included this powerful, yet easy to use tool to track all of your trip expenses, so you can keep your budget under control. Of course, you can use different currencies, categorize your expenses into different types, and more. It can also be fun to compare prices years later.
TripRider's Expenses



Budget and Expenses

Keep your budget under control. You can add all the expenses you have on your journey in different currencies. TripRider will also automatically recalculate all the expenses into your base currency, so you can easily keep track of your budget all the time. Grouping your expenses by type or date will give you an even better overview.


Add Expenses

When adding expenses, you can enter an amount and a currency. You can even categorize it by type and specify where and when the expense occurred.

Adding the Expense Adding Expenses