Whether you are starting to plan a trip or you are already on the road you can see quick overview of your trip status. What's on the schedule for today? Or tomorrow? What's my budget looking like? What were the day’s highlights? Have I packed and done everything I needed to? Have I made a plan for each day of my trip? It's all there. And much more. Nicely gathered in one place. And if you are already back from your journey, you can take a look at your trip summary. Quick and easy.
TripRider's Briefing


Trip Overview

Quick Trip Overview

Complete trip status on one page for quick access and easy review.


Three Types of Briefing

We need one set of information when we are preparing for a trip, another while we are travelling, and yet a third when the trip is already over. That's why TripRider introduces three types of briefing to match the current status of your trip. The briefing page displays all kinds of information that you have entered into Trip plan, Diary, Expenses, Location list, Travellers, etc. With all the information in one place, you can easily track your trip’s progress.

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