Packing List

When you’re boarding a plane, it is usually a little too late for "I forgot".
Prepare your packing list and organize your backpack or suitcase. There are several categories to help you smartly categorize your things.
You can write down all the things you intend to bring with you on a journey and things you have to do before you leave home. When it's time to go, you can use the "Pack" feature to go through your list and make sure you've packed and done everything you needed to do.
TripRider's Packing List


Packing List

Tasks to Do. Items to Pack.

A list of all the tasks you must accomplish before you go and all the items you want to take with you.


Let's Pack!

When it's time to go, you can check your list to make sure you’ve done and packed everything.

Packing List Packing List


Import Packing Lists

Import Packing List

Wouldn't be nice if you could copy your packing list from your other trips? So you don't have to start from the beginning every time you open a new trip? Now you can! With the "Import" option you can choose which trip you’d like to import items from. The current packing list will be replaced with items from the list you've chosen.


Create your own categories

Organize your Packing List the way you like it. You can add your own categories and modify (rename, reorder) the existing ones.

Manage Categories Add Category